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GPS und geografische Informationssysteme für Windows Windows + Pocket PC Pocket PC + Web  
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Systems for tranports

Protection of persons and goods

Solutions for agriculture

 Prepaid Localizer

Innovative Prepaid system for Real Time GPS tracking

  • Poll positions only on demand 
  • Allows to track the whole fleet with any internet computer.
  • No contracts - no monthly fee  
  • Management of an arbitrary number of vehicles via internet
  • remote configuration of trackers via the web interface

The ideal solution for companies and persons that do'nt need a permanent observation.

GPSur Control

Passive GPS system to logg and subsequent control of transports. The system consists of:

  • GPSur Logger:  a sensible tracker with memory
  • GPSur Lector:  software component to read the logged data and the vehicle registration number
  • GPSur Controlador:  the main software  
  • GPSur Rutero:  integrated road map for rapid view of big logs withput internet

The system does'nt have monthly free, die main software is free of charge.

  GPS für Google Earth

converts the free Google-Earth version into a GPS Navigation for Laptop or Netbook. Shows the own GPS position in real time in "Google Earth".


GPS logging and animation of recorded tours.
In addition one needs only a low-cost GPS mouse.
The system works also outside without internet connection, on day and night, on the road, offroad, on the water and in the air.

DeltaArea Professional 

* Control and Measure Areas with GPS *

  • GPS Measurement of areas, lines and placemarks
  •  Versions for Pocket PC, Mini Laptop y PC
  • all fields in one view, handling without stylus
  • direct Export to ESRI-Shape, Farmsworks GPL and Google Earth.
  • Layer management
  • supported languages:
    english, german, french, spanish, polish


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